Graphic Designer Extraordinaire: A well-oiled machine pumping out superb graphics with the utmost consideration and respect for typography and attention to detail. Secretly looking to save the world, one bad font at a time.

I'm a small business owner with over eight years of professional experience working in publishing as an art director handling everything from design to project management, pre-press production, including customer and vendor relationships. I've managed full magazine productions from cover-to-cover in upwards of 300+ pages. I've become a master manipulator of photos creating illusions with Photoshop. I would quantify myself as a detail-oriented multi-tasker.

I received my BFA in graphic design from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Aside from managing my business, you will likely find me chasing after my two toddlers enjoying as much as we can from city living in the best loop, West Loop. In my free time you might find me at the gym doing HIIT training. I'm a tad obsessive about it. There's something to be said about being pulled out of your comfort zone — no one likes to be challenged in that way. But when I'm finished, I feel 100% better about myself, my day, and what I've just accomplished.

I believe firmly that your brand needs design. Everything is better when it’s designed well.